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Business Leaders

Providing business leaders with support and tools to maximise the productivity of their workforce.




  • Workforce Culture analysis

  • Planning for Identified Needs

  • Visioning and Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Staff Training and Development

  • Team Building

  • Coaching

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Educational Leaders

Supporting school leaders to ensure that they lead, engage and inspire their teams to ensure that 'same page' ethos.




  • School Culture analysis

  • Change management

  • Leadership development

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Coaching & Mentoring

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Teachers & School Staff

Connecting with teachers and school staff to support them to  recognise their impact on students and pathways for continued growth.



  • Professional Learning

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Wellbeing

  • Planning career pathways

  • Leadership Development




Collective Culture Consultancy is an educational and business consultancy firm that specialises in supporting the growth and maintenance of a productive culture. Building a collective responsibility for success breeds vision, well being and drive. Your culture is what drives your success. Ensuring that 'same page' ethos is our core business.

Research indicates that staff that feel connected to their workplace, valued by their colleagues and have opportunities to grow their skills and careers will be more committed to achieving organisational goals. Attracting the right staff is only the beginning, retaining them is where the investment should be.

Kylie McLerie, Director, has carved a long and diverse career in educational leadership through her roles as School Principal, Deputy Principal and Curriculum Manager, Teacher and Consultant. She is recognised throughout Western Australia for her dynamic leadership skills, ability to grow others and skills in creating workplaces that people want to belong to.


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